The challenge

Ever wondered what it takes to ensure that all the cars parked in a camera-controlled car park have been paid for? Probably not, but behind the scenes there is some serious heavy lifting in the machine learning-powered image recognition and cloud computing departments. The systems we’ve built and maintain for Ranger Services process millions of images an hour looking for these kinds of anomalies and, through modern automation, guarantee you have a seamless experience when you park.

How we did it

Ranger Services is a leading parking technology company and the driving force in industry modernisation. As part of our radical transformation work with them, we’ve moved core data services into the Cloud and developed an end-to-end service for clients and their parking customers.

All services are built in Microsoft Azure using native solutions to ensure fully scalable, highly available systems for the millions of data points Ranger handles every hour. For the first time, Ranger clients can now see real-time data on their infrastructure, understand how their service is working and what’s going to make it better for their customers.