I couldn’t be happier to welcome Futuregov to our group, The Panoply.

I’ve been following the Futuregov story from the very beginning – their CEO and founder Dominic Campbell joined Twitter the same month as me and during the dozen years we have both been using the platform I don’t think there has ever been a time when we weren’t following each other – albeit there have been as many tweets to each other about under-performing football teams as public service sometimes.

Futuregov are 11 years old (I just like the 10 year anniversary graphics – thus the header!) and I have watched them evolve from it being little more than an entity for Dominic as a consultant helping local government come to terms with the social media heavy days of the early internet-era via their adventures in products (including the amazing Casserole Club – an idea that remains one of my favourite civic/social tech projects to this day) through to now where they are leaders in bring service and organisational design approaches to public and health services.

I’ve always admired the principles and approach of their team- they are fellow travellers on this journey to help improve public service and like us have always supported the wider grassroots community, understanding that it needs more than any one company (or Government Service) to make real, lasting change – and today we find ourselves with complimentary services. They by leading the way for #designforgov while we remain committed to the #strategyisdelivery mantra – focusing on the technical changes that emerge from that design work.

Everybody at Notbinary is excited to start working more closely together and to see what knotty challenges we can tackle together.



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