Map - northern United States of America and southern Canada, with flight paths shown between places visited in the tour

Notbinary are really excited to be sponsoring OneTeamGov Global in beautiful (well so everybody tells me — I’ve never been!) Victoria, BC in May. So excited in fact that James (our CEO) and I have turned it in to a bit of a North American tour with visits to Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver booked as well as Victoria. In fact I am taking it one step further and attending the International Design in Government Day and the Code for America Summit in Oakland, CA as well!

Logos - One Team Gov , Gouv Ensemble

Thanks to the power of Twitter we have made connections with the digital government, civic tech and service design communities all over Canada (and gosh that county is LARGE!) and we are hoping to meet as many people as possible to find out about how things are shaping up over there in this race for public service institutions to embrace the internet-era and to share a few war stories.

Our itinerary is below and if you find yourself in the same city at the same time and fancy meeting up just drop me an email and we can sort something out.

11/05/2019 Land in Toronto
12/05/2019 Train → Ottawa
13/05/2019 Ottawa
14/05/2019 Ottawa
15/05/2019 Toronto
16/05/2019 Toronto
17/05/2019 Toronto
18/05/2019 Fly to Victoria
19/05/2019 Victoria
20/05/2019 Victoria
21/05/2019 OneTeamGov Global
22/05/2019 Ferry to Vancouver
23/05/2019 Vancouver
24/05/2019 Vancouver
25/05/2019 Fly to San Francisco
26/05/2019 Oakland
27/05/2019 Oakland
28/05/2019 Oakland
29/05/2019 International Design in Government — Oakland
30/05/2019 Code for America Summit — Oakland
31/05/2019 Code for America Summit — Oakland
01/06/2019 Fly home from SF


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