Hot, sunny days. Strawberries and cream. The thwack of a few tennis balls… But summer wouldn’t be complete without a new iteration of the G-Cloud framework!

So we’re delighted to say that Notbinary has once again been appointed as a supplier of cloud hosting, software and support services on the Digital Marketplace – or G-Cloud 11 as it’s commonly known.

This time round Notbinary is offering 60 services in total, spread across all three lots (cloud hosting, cloud software and cloud support). The breadth of services covers everything from cloud transformation strategy, architecture, design, development and deployment to data science and analytics services. Notbinary also offers cloud leadership, training and a range of specialist cloud applications (including the Darktrace cyber-security solution).

Customers like the simplicity of the G-Cloud procurement process and we like it for the way we can engage quickly and deploy our teams to kickstart delivery. G-Cloud’s pre-agreed framework terms and conditions take away much of the ‘grind’ of traditional procurement processes, allowing customers to swiftly locate the services they need and get projects going. A good example of this is our recent win with the Food Standards Agency who’ve appointed us as their Discovery resource partner. The working relationship has got off to a flying start. From first approach of shortlisted G-Cloud suppliers to contract award by FSA took just four weeks – not bad for a £2M programme running over two years.

What’s more, G-Cloud is a widely available procurement route – not only for central and local government organisations, but wider public sector bodies too, including non-departmental agencies and not-for-profit organisations.

So with the ink still drying on the latest set of G-Cloud services, we’re looking forward to an exciting year ahead – and then the prospect of doing it all over again for G-Cloud 12 next summer.


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