• Hands-on engineering leadership
  • Expertise and interest in more than one programming language (e.g. Java, .Net, Python, Ruby/Rails)
  • Experience as an architect or leading and inspiring software development teams
  • Good understanding of building and working with legacy and ‘brownfield’ systems
  • Good understanding of cloud infrastructure toolset (AWS/ GCP/Azure etc)
  • Understanding of agile working rather than specific Agile™ frameworks
  • Understanding of the theory and application of Continuous Integration/Delivery
  • Passion for software craft
  • Experience working across different organisations, ranging in size, from start-ups to big bureaucracies
  • Good communication skills – able to articulate technical information to different backgrounds
  • Experience working with senior IT groups in an advisory role
  • Experience working with CTO/CIO/CDO to create technical strategies

There’s no typical day for our Principal Engineers. Here’s what you might find yourself doing:

  • Developing modern architectural approaches for technology transformation initiatives – often dealing with legacy software and approaches
  • You might spend a few weeks with a client reviewing their technology and identifying opportunities to introduce modern engineering approaches.
  • On other projects, you might be acting as the architect, overseeing the design of technical solutions, or overseeing a program to build a new product.
  • It could be much more about getting stuck into a delivery project where you’re happy coding and helping the team to deliver the solution.
  • Often you will be assisting in hiring a permanent engineering team and helping identify a long term technology leader/
  • Whatever your role, your team(s) always look to draw on your experience and technical expertise.
  • Work with our Growth Partner to help with proposals and pitching – influencing the work we bid for and helping the company succeed.
  • You will take on an evangelism role for the company and our approach to engineering – promoting your ideas and building your network via whichever channels suit you best (blogging, hackdays, talks, open source contributions) . This isn’t a side hustle – we see it is a core part of the role and will support with time and resources appropriately.

This is important —>

Travel is required. Projects are usually at client offices, so our staff need to be flexible and up for extensive travel. Most of our people travel every week and travel home for weekends. We do our best to take people’s personal situations into account, but we know it’s not for everyone.

We describe our work pattern as the ‘3-4-5 rule’ –>

  • 3 nights in an hotel
  • 4 days in a client office
  • 5 days billed

We follow this pattern as much as possible so our staff can maintain a sensible work-life balance. However, the needs of our clients take priority so make sure you’re comfortable with this before applying.


£80,000 – £100,000pa + benefits

How to apply


Email [email protected] with a CV (or a link to LinkedIn if you prefer) and a few words about what appeals to you about working at Notbinary. We’ll take it from there.

Hiring process

Interviews will consist of an initial conversation with our ‘People person’ to cover the basics. Then one of the Delivery Directors will call to get an idea of your working history and approach. If successful, there will be a more technical interview with the lead specialist. We don’t do riddles or whiteboards – we ask straight questions and are looking for evidence of potential as much as experience. Interviews can be in person or via the video chat client of your preference; it’s the candidate’s choice.

Assuming it all goes well we will make an offer. We will also arrange for you to meet other members of the team ahead of your start date. We’ll cover any expenses and give you a couple of extra days’ leave if you take us up on the offer.

[email protected]