My personal background is highly influenced by a combination of Bulgarian hospitality, French food and wine, Californian surfing sunsets, the UK queuing system and freedom to be who you are.

My professional experience spreads among various industries – payment, aerospace and media so far. Before joining NotBinary I worked for the BBC. Initially my responsibilities were to deliver the first ever BBC fully automated app powered by Machine Learning. Once the app was delivered, my focus shifted into leading the creation of a common way for data scientists across the BBC to work together in a more unified manner. That’s how the Machine Learning Engine Principles were born.

Commonality across all my jobs to date are that they all started as completely green field data transformation challenges. My involvement included building teams; shifting cultures; shaking legacy; creating processes methodologies; getting stakeholders on board with the vision; simplifying complex technical architectures and enabling a sometimes urgent need for next generation Machine Learning capabilities.

What are you most excited about right now?

  • My new experience working at NotBinary and seeing the expansion and group collaboration from the inside.
  • Truffle oil
  • The Christmas season, accompanied by mulled wine and this smoked salmon at the Christmas markets
  • My 10K run coming up the day after the Barbarians game which I will attend at Twickenham (I know pretty bad timing!)
  • Working on a showreel to develop my personal skills. For now I leave you with this fine trailer
  • I’m looking forward to our first game of the season with my amazing Volleyball club
  • The next resale for Glastonbury tickets. Shout out if you have any tips please, it would be the first one for me

What was the best part of your week/weekend?
London Surf Film Festival and discovering you can surf in North Scotland thanks to the amazing film “A Corner of the Earth”.

What’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about you?
That I’m social, pragmatic, with strong principles and positive attitude. That my diverse set of experiences brings new perspectives and uniqueness to each situation. -> I should invite my friend back for dinner soon!

What habit or improvement are you working on?
Reduce the wine and cheese evenings

What cheers you up?
Wine and cheese… and dogs.

What’s your favourite word?

What TV show / book / podcast would you recommend?


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