The root of culture

18th October, 2018

The Five Elements of Devops

27th September, 2018

Westrum World

17th September, 2018

People are not resources

4th September, 2018

Resource. If you stop and think about it, it’s a terrible way to speak about people. A resource is something you take and use. Applied to people, it carries dismissive and devaluing undertones. It’s not about lining up the right set of resources, but about connecting individuals to form a collective intelligence.

Physician, heal thyself

27th August, 2018

As a digital community in government we have done nowhere near enough to bring all those lessons we have learned elsewhere to improve the hiring process to get the best, most diverse people into the roles we most desperately need. If we accept that this is a people problem more than a technology one why are we not knuckling down and fixing this?

Datalab days

14th August, 2018

So what is the Datalab? Basically it is a multi-disciplinary team but the disciplines are data science, software engineers and data engineers. It is a platform play and our ‘users’ are other BBC teams with audience facing products.

The Twelve-Factor Container

7th August, 2018

Containers hit the tech headlines around 2013 and are now more the rule than the exception.

Reuse: a Recipe for Disaster

7th August, 2018

Technology reuse is too easy to say and too hard to do well. Look before you leap: pride comes before a fail.

Good principles make terrible laws

24th July, 2018

Technology projects often aspire to ideals like “reuse”. They’re so reasonable, so easily trotted out as justification for project direction. But left unexamined and unconscious, easy to swallow orthodoxy is choking. Time to look again.

Reflecting on OneTeamGovGlobal

17th July, 2018

When I walked into the main room at the QEII Conference Centre yesterday I genuinely gasped. It is one thing to intellectually be aware of the fact that #OneTeamGov had become this massive movement but it is something else to see it in the flesh!

Transformation has a Half-Life

10th July, 2018

Most organisations now understand the Internet is a thing. Not all organisations understand this means their thing is going to change.

Activating High-Performing Teams

26th June, 2018

If you’ve ever seen team potential accessed and amplified, you’ll know that intrinsic energy and talent in a team is a massive boost for performance. If you’ve experienced it, my guess is to this day you’ll name that experience as one of the best of your working life.