Change it up

17th June, 2019

Starting and growing companies is not hard compared to lots of other jobs and situations people face in the world. I’ve had a lot of luck and support in doing so. But, there are easier ways to make a living. Certainly ones that are less emotionally draining and that have less of an impact on your home life.

Welcoming Futuregov to The Panoply

12th June, 2019

I've always admired the principles and approach of the Futuregov team- they are fellow travellers on this journey to help improve public service and like us have always supported the wider grassroots community.

Clearing the ‘brand debt’

10th June, 2019

'Technical debt' is a concept that is well understood in software engineering circles (if not always by management!) but what has become clear to me in recent months is that a lot of that thinking makes sense for a start-up brand as well.

Giving back #loyaltothenetwork

28th April, 2019

I’ve always been impressed by the approach dxw, Futuregov, Delib, Helpful and a few others have taken — they always felt like they were integral parts of the wider community rather than coming at it with any kind of overt sales agenda.

What Does Enterprise Mean?

25th April, 2019

Enterprise has become one of those over-used words that mean anything and nothing to everyone. What does it actually mean and what does that mean for our organisations?

Own It!

25th April, 2019

I’d like to thank Hertz and Accenture from the bottom of my heart. This oh so public airing of their digital dirty linen totally reinforces the point many of us have been making for years. The private sector is NOT intrinsically better at these things than the public sector.

Trust but verify: reimagining service assessments

17th April, 2019

A client has just significantly rebooted their portfolio of DDaT activity — leading to a big shake-up of their governance and that opened up an interesting opportunity — they needed an approach to strengthen the Verify aspect of Trust/Verify for digital deliveries and I saw a chance to reimagine the idea of service assessments locally.

When the multi is missing from multi-disciplinary

11th April, 2019

The most successful teams I have been involved in have been truly multidisciplinary — comprising of engineers, researchers, designers, analysts, delivery managers (statisticians) and more — coming together to deliver complex outcomes. It was the blend of skills and perspectives that made it possible to succeed 

The Notbinary North American Tour

7th April, 2019

Notbinary are really excited to be sponsoring OneTeamGov Global in beautiful Victoria, BC in May. I have turned it in to a bit of a North American tour with visits to Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver booked as well as Victoria

An engineering solution to a design problem

29th March, 2019

The phrase keeps coming to me: “it’s an engineering solution to a design problem”. I’m giving a name to our very human tendency to come up with more layers of complication to solve a problem, when a better answer is likely to take away something we’re already doing. We, more often than is comfortable, are the architect of our own problem.

Introducing Sara Hassen, Marketing Lead at Notbinary…..

20th March, 2019

I’ve been working in Marketing for about 20 years now, predominantly in education and technology. I started my career working for a small event management company, and I still have a real passion for working on events.

Designing the mod(ern) squad

23rd February, 2019

I recently wrote about our new Squad Manager role(s) and wanted to just dig in a bit to how we see our squad model growing and evolving.