Laying foundations

15th July, 2019

I get wheeled in on occasion to offer advice or help with activities that seem to touch on some element of the broad topic of product management. I recently did a bit of a brain dump for a potential client on some of the techniques I have used to get things started – to make sure the foundations are solid enough to launch something ambitious.

Insights from Professor Alan Brown

12th July, 2019

Alan Brown is Professor in Digital Economy at the University of Exeter’s Business School. Alan’s research is focused on agile approaches to business transformation, and the relationship between technology innovation and business innovation in today’s rapidly-evolving digital economy. He is a long standing adviser to the Notbinary board and clients.

Come so far – got so far to go

11th July, 2019

The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee report into Digital Government is an interesting read. I agree with a lot of it. More does need to be done to really get a handle on legacy technologies across the Government estate.

Google Cloud Professional Architect

10th July, 2019

When it comes to measuring yourself against the theory and practice of designing, building and operating modern cloud architectures, Professional Cloud Architect certification is the highest and most relevant standard I’ve found.

“It isn’t about the technology…”

6th July, 2019

When we aren't arguing about whether or not 'digital transformation' is a useful term or not (or whether 'everybody is a designer') we are making the case that 'digital' (whatever that might mean) is not about technology - it is about the people.

Summer’s here and so is G-Cloud 11

4th July, 2019

We’re delighted to say that Notbinary has once again been appointed as a supplier of cloud hosting, software and support services on the Digital Marketplace. This time round Notbinary is offering 60 services in total, spread across all three lots (cloud hosting, cloud software and cloud support).

Speaking Technology with the Service Standard

2nd July, 2019

The UK Government has an open Service Standard setting out the perspective and principles on which services (often citizen-facing services) are expected to be designed and built. I’m a fan of principles. They encode layers of experience and wisdom, making them accessible for our future selves to learn from and experiment with.

Coast to Coast – a Canadian civic tech odyssey

21st June, 2019

Canada's public service was a early mover in the first wave of Government embracing the internet - they had a head start on many nations getting a strong presence online. I understood Canada was big. The reality is that I really didn't quite grasp the scale.

A wish list for a Digital Leader

20th June, 2019

The most senior role for technology or 'digital' leadership is inconsistently defined; it can be the CTO, CIO, CDO, CDIO and many other permutations as the default 'most senior' position to do with data, networking, applications and devices. The trouble is, what was required of yesterday's leader and today's are fundamentally different.

Change it up

17th June, 2019

Starting and growing companies is not hard compared to lots of other jobs and situations people face in the world. I’ve had a lot of luck and support in doing so. But, there are easier ways to make a living. Certainly ones that are less emotionally draining and that have less of an impact on your home life.

Welcoming Futuregov to The Panoply

12th June, 2019

I've always admired the principles and approach of the Futuregov team- they are fellow travellers on this journey to help improve public service and like us have always supported the wider grassroots community.

Clearing the ‘brand debt’

10th June, 2019

'Technical debt' is a concept that is well understood in software engineering circles (if not always by management!) but what has become clear to me in recent months is that a lot of that thinking makes sense for a start-up brand as well.