Becoming data driven is a means not an end

27th January, 2020

There’s a risk to seeing data as an end goal; having data for the sake of it does not always lead to better decision making. There are some instances where it is better to be without data than with it – where the data you’re using is inaccurate, or being incorrectly interpreted, or if it’s not used at all in decision making.

The Joy of Missing Out… on building things

21st January, 2020

We talk a lot about prioritisation within product – which feature or project is higher value, which is more effort. We adjust our roadmaps – and communicate the change as features slip up or down a place in priority order. However something I don’t see people doing is saying what they’re not going to do.

Making digital content even more accessible

9th January, 2020

Recently I wanted to share an English podcast with my mother. She doesn’t speak fluent English, so I started looking into ways of translating it into French for her. During my search I found an old article that that highlighted my challenge, “72% of (non-English speaking) consumers spend most of their time on a very, very small fraction of the web”

2020 Tabageddon

2nd January, 2020

Matt Jukes started the year closing some of those open tabs in Chrome and shares some of his 2019 best reads.

How to win at hackathons

21st November, 2019

Hackathons traditionally involve tech and, if you’ve ever tangled with tech — from writing code to setting up a new phone — you’ll know it can turn into an infinite rabbit-hole.

The DVLA Botathon

19th November, 2019

Last week the Notbinary team took part in the DVLA public service #botathon hack in Swansea. This is what happened....

Team Health Tune Up: a new workshop for healthy, high-performing teams

7th November, 2019

We recently ran a new 'Team Health' workshop with a digital team at the Food Standards Agency which was facilitated by Matt Thompson, a consultant specialising in agile teamwork and collaborative leadership practices who was formerly at the Mozilla Foundation. This guest blog covers how it worked and how a similar approach could work for your team.

Introducing Lana Videnova our new Senior Technical Product Owner

23rd October, 2019

We're really pleased to welcome our newest member of the team, Lana Videnova. Before joining Notbinary Lana worked for the BBC, and delivered the first ever BBC fully automated app powered by Machine Learning. Lana has experience in the Payment, Aerospace and Media industries, working on green field data transformation challenges.

Unconference Convert

2nd October, 2019

Esko Reinikainen summed up the Unconference experience perfectly when he welcomed everyone to GovCamp Cymru – people need to get involved, talk-up, be mindful of all the people in the room and listen, and when you do ‘it just works'.

Are the Big 3 an Oligopoly? Some thoughts….

1st October, 2019

I have seen cloud platforms develop for good and bad over the last decade or so. They are what they are. I hope, as a nation, we can be more intelligent in how we use them in the next ten years than we have been in the last ten.

Introducing Paul Murray our new Senior Delivery Manager

25th September, 2019

Paul has had a career running public service digital programmes in the UK and New Zealand. He built several key services for the New Zealand government, including their Common Web Platform, Digital Marketplace and most recently he has been running GOVT.NZ. Paul previously worked for the Environment Agency in the UK.

Sprinting through #sprint19

19th September, 2019

The Sprint series of events have been the main showcase for the Government Digital Service to speak to the broad church that makes up their constituency. I’m not going to provide a forensic event report but there were a few big takeaways and broad themes worth noting.