Forging A New Future For Notbinary

29th September, 2020

Over the coming week you’ll be seeing some big changes happening at Notbinary. As we start to implement these changes we wanted to let you know what we are doing, why and what to expect from us in the future.

Is there carbon in your cloud?

5th June, 2020

With all the government clients I have worked with ‘cloud first’ is always followed (or at least aspired to) and frequently talked about. Guidance on how to create and implement a cloud hosting strategy refers to capability, cost and data storage requirements of your organisation's unique set of needs, but not the needs of the planet.

Avoid learning too many lessons from these ‘unprecedented times’

1st June, 2020

The big thing I keep reminding people is while there will be lessons to learn from all this we need to take them with a grain of salt. These are not normal times and the change in attitudes is probably a lot more fragile than some people think.

Impact beyond Alpha

11th May, 2020

4-8 weeks of a Discovery or Alpha project is a fleeting time for us to accomplish our mission: to help institutions embrace the opportunities of the internet era. What can we try to extend our impact beyond the confines of the project.

Building at pace for BEIS

29th April, 2020

Our Notbinary squad has been working with BEIS to build public services to meet the requirements of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Public Service Digital in the Time of COVID-19

2nd April, 2020

There has never been a time that the UK’s public service digital capability was in a better position to handle something like this than now. Especially centrally but the efforts of the teams across local government - working all hours with fewer resources and even sharper deadlines in many cases - should not be ignored. 

Serverless is not functions

4th March, 2020

Serverless has come a long way in the last couple of years. The irony is that the more experience you have working with cloud or designing systems, the harder it becomes to unlearn enough to make the leap to serverless.

Walls that Talk

25th February, 2020

The power of physical ‘agile’ walls is when they become a focal point for a team and a conversation starter with other people. The wall should be a contributor to an ongoing conversation – one that changes and evolves – but also be able to present to the world without translation.

Introducing Liam McDowell our new Managing Director – Commercial

24th February, 2020

We're really pleased to be able to introduce our newest member of staff, Liam McDowell. Liam has led strategy, sales, marketing and partnerships, and worked with clients such as M&S, Ustwo, Missguided, Thorntons, L&G and Companies House. He has experience establishing really strong companies employing over 30 people (from just 4 people) delivering consultancy around software engineering as well as a catalog of IP and assets.

Help with our user research…please!

20th February, 2020

The Notbinary Alpha team is working with a Government Department to explore how government can best help businesses to navigate the information and support available to them (online). To make sure that we understand businesses’ needs and that we build the right thing for them, we would like to have interviews with a variety of business owners and senior managers.

Talkin’ loud, saying something

5th February, 2020

Start telling more memorable stories and make it easier for people to care. Teams should be able to wax lyrical on why they are doing something as well as what they are doing. At least to some extent. This needs thought. Everything from email, Slack, meetings, show and tells to blogposts and conference talks need consideration. It doesn’t just happen.