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Our approach helps you think big, start small and scale fast.

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Our services

We help organisations modernise and succeed in the digital economy through our Data, Software & Automation services.

  • Data

    Our full-stack cloud data service allows us to rebuild your organisation around modern technologies. Working on the leading platforms - AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure - we design and develop services and products to maximise the value in your data. Often resulting in enhanced customer profiling, new revenue generating products or delivery of more efficient services.

  • Software

    We provide insourced and outsourced product and lean software development. Using cloud based microservices we code in multiple languages including Java, Python and Go. Working agile, in close partnership with your teams, we help them to accelerate programmes and bring new products to market quickly.

  • Automation

    Human+ is our robotic process automation business for government and not for profits. We partner with the top RPA technology providers to join any legacy technology with the new and modern, drive efficiencies across your organisation and create a self-sufficient centre of excellence for the future.

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How we work

We work in sprint squads. These are self-organising, interdisciplinary teams who deliver in Agile sprint cycles. This produces the best ideas and outcomes for you.

Our work

Real business we’re doing right now.

  • BBC

    The story

    Youth audiences expect the best content to be available to them in a single place, personalised to their preferences and interests. At the moment this is almost impossible for the BBC. Content and audience data are distributed across myriad, disconnected systems. Additionally, content metadata is lacking, which makes it challenging to discover content. The BBC wants to properly engage the next generation of TV licence fee payers, many of whom already have less affinity with the BBC than the rest of the UK population does.

    The detail

    As part of the BBC Datalab, we’re leading software development and product management for the Content Graph which will help meet the exponential growth in demand for personalised and predictive programming. Powering the next generation of BBC applications and services, the Graph lays the foundations for true service integration and real transformation.

  • Ranger Services

    The story

    Ever wondered what it takes to make sure that the car parked in a camera-controlled car park, is the one that you’ve paid for? Probably not, but what you take for granted requires some serious heavy lifting in the machine learning-powered image recognition and cloud computing department. The systems we’ve built and maintain for Ranger Services process millions of images an hour looking for these kinds of anomalies and through modern automation, make sure that you get peace of mind when you park.

    The detail

    Ranger Services is a leading parking technology company and the driving force in industry modernisation. As part of our radical transformation work with them, we’ve moved core data services into the Cloud and developed an end-to-end service for clients and their parking customers.

    All services are built in Microsoft Azure using native solutions to ensure fully scalable, highly-available systems for the millions of data points Ranger handles every hour. For the first time, Ranger clients can now see real-time data on their infrastructure, understand how their service is working and what’s going to make it better for their customers.

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Our people

All our people are handpicked to deliver meaningful digital work in an open, friendly and collaborative way.

  • Photo of Sacha Rook

    Sacha Rook

    Known for his innovative use of technology, Sacha is an expert in creating architecture frameworks that exploit the disruptive power of cloud computing.

  • Photo of James Herbert

    James Herbert

    As a leading government technology strategist and award-winning entrepreneur, James was one of the brains behind the GCloud framework and has delivered some of the most cutting edge public sector work out there.

  • Photo of Sarah Vick

    Sarah Vick

    Sarah is a non-exec chair, director and advisor to agencies and creative technology businesses. As our Chairman, she is responsible for the Notbinary’s diversity and sustainability strategy.

  • Photo of Neal Gandhi

    Neal Gandhi

    A serial technology entrepreneur Neal is chairman of Notbinary and CEO of our wider Group business, The Panoply.

  • Photo of Sean Tubbs

    Sean Tubbs

    One of our founding partners, Sean designs and directs the work of Notbinary’s delivery squads, balancing progressive approaches and new technology adoption with the constraints and pressures that clients face on a daily basis.

  • Photo of Ingrid Kristine Leinum

    Ingrid Kristine Leinum

    Ingrid is a people-oriented consultant working with our sister company Bene Agere. She helps customers navigate the tricky waters of organisational and cultural change, using business intelligence tools and objectively measuring against realistic key performance indicators.

  • Photo of Aksel Trygstad Lamache

    Aksel Trygstad Lamache

    With a strong track record of management consultancy, Aksel’s business analytical skills have helped to shape and improve the customer journey for a variety of financial institutions and software houses, delivered via our sister company Bene Agere.

  • Photo of Matt Jukes

    Matt Jukes

    A highly respected public service digital leader, Matt’s experience includes Office of National Statistics, mySociety, BBC and most recently as advisor on a major data transformation programme at the UK Hydrographic Office. Find out more

  • Photo of David Carboni

    David Carboni

    An expert in microservice builds, software engineering and development, David is a technology practitioner and strategist who helps move leading organisations forward in containerised cloud computing.

  • Photo of Rebecca Hull

    Rebecca Hull

    Collaborating with Manifesto on projects with charities, clients look to Rebecca for her expertise in managing technology and business change programmes designed to support fundraising, marketing and self-serve initiatives.

  • Photo of Adam Elghazi

    Adam Elghazi

    With many years of experience running software teams in big organisations as an Agile coach, scrum master and team lead, Adam currently puts it all in to action with the large group of Notbinary embedded technologists working at DVLA.

  • Photo of Jon Holt

    Jon Holt

    In his capacity as a strategic digital transformation and development advisor, Jon leads our work in all things cloud. The Cabinet Office, Unilever and HSBC have also looked to him for his wisdom in cloud migration and scale technology investment.

  • Photo of Thea Grosvold

    Thea Grosvold

    From our Norwegian sister company Bene Agere, Thea’s an experienced, results-oriented consultant, whose experience working for clients such as Goldman Sachs has built a great set of analytical and risk management skills.

  • Photo of Prof. Alan Brown

    Prof. Alan Brown

    Alan is global leader in Agile software development and co-author of Digitizing Government. A renowned expert in Scrum, he is also an IBM Distinguished Engineer and a Notbinary founding partner.

  • Photo of Robert Checkley

    Robert Checkley

    A chartered accountant and technologist, Robert’s expertise is compliance and data governance, advising our government, financial services and industry clients in best practice and data security.

  • Photo of Sarah Herbert

    Sarah Herbert

    Sarah runs financial reporting for Notbinary and manages all commercial relationships with our clients ensuring transparent financial information is always available. In other words, Sarah’s our chief financial officer.

  • Photo of Pat Shone

    Pat Shone

    Also from Manifesto, working together on joint projects, clients benefit from Pat’s experience of content management, data-driven startups and bespoke product creation using a wide range of technology.

  • Photo of Haakon Utby

    Haakon Utby

    Also seconded from Bene Agere, Haakon is a highly respected consultant, adept at using the right tools, methodologies and performance measures to help customers get the best out of new technology and unlock the benefits of digital transformation.

  • Photo of David Cleden

    David Cleden

    Our bidding activity is an integral part of business development and without an expert in public procurement like David, we’d find it hard to curate the accurate description of our services on the various public frameworks and write the submissions that are our lifeblood.

  • Photo of Stuart Grainger

    Stuart Grainger

    Currently interim CTO at a technology company where he leads the Notbinary team, he has replatformed a complex data environment in Azure and is building a next generation set of data tools a services.

  • Photo of Diana Hau

    Diana Hau

    As you would expect, as The Panoply’s group financial controller, she ensures strong accounting and reporting throughout the group.

  • Photo of Olly Rigby

    Olly Rigby

    Olly is the chief financial officer for the The Panoply Group and one of the founders. He is responsible for delivering the Group’s overall business strategy with a particular focus on M&A and finance.

  • Photo of Jim Bowes

    Jim Bowes

    Jim’s a regular speaker and presenter on the impact technology is having on our lives; using his insight to create a platform for The Panoply Group companies to both collaborate and innovate.

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