Not Binary

What we do

We deliver essential transformation at speed, while inventing what’s next for your business.

The difference we make

Our approach helps you think big, start small and scale fast.


Redesign today

So you’re leaner and fitter for the task at hand.


Invent tomorrow

With the accelerated identification and design of new ideas.


Own the future

Leverage your unique data, resources and skills to deliver what’s next.

Our services

We bring left and right brains together around a single-minded process with a set of tried and tested tools and methodologies.

Our services

  • Left brain

    Business Analysis
    Programme Management

  • Right brain

    Product Strategy
    Service Design
    User Experience Design
    Interaction Design
    Creative Direction
    Visual Design

Our services

Digital program definition and design
Agile coaching and delivery
Distributed development design and set up
Full stack web development
Web Solutions
Mobile Apps

Our services

Content Management Systems
Cloud Infrastructure
API Design/Development
Analytics, Reporting & BI
Augmented & Virtual Reality

How we work

We work in Sprint Squads. These are self-organising, interdisciplinary teams who deliver in sprint cycles. Our teams are always left and right brained. This produces the best ideas and outcomes.

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Engineer, designer, coder, strategist, business analyst or project manager?

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Whatever you are, we’re always in the market for smart people who do smart stuff really well.

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Our work

Much of our work is mission critical, so we prefer to be discreet about sharing it.

Our work

If you want to know more, drop us a line and we’ll share our secrets face to face.

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Sacha Rook
Chief Operating Officer

Founder of Methods Digital and known for his innovative use of technology, Sacha is an expert in creating architecture frameworks that exploit the disruptive power of Cloud computing.


James Herbert
Chief Executive Officer

As a leading Government technology strategist, James was one of the brains behind the GCloud framework and has delivered some of the most cutting edge Public Sector work out there. He founded Methods Digital with Sacha and together they are the leaders and founders of NotBinary.

The Panoply

As part of this world-class group of creative technology companies, we help organisations and businesses across public, private and third sector, redesign today and invent tomorrow.

The Panoply

We collaborate with organisations and businesses to ensure their participation in tomorrow and beyond.


Our growing partnership network is built around best in class technology and platforms.

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Whether you’re looking to become a client or you want to join our team we’d love to hear from you.
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