We design and engineer secure, scalable, user-centric solutions to hard problems at pace by leaning on common platforms, open source and modern cloud-based technologies.

We are trusted by government, education, charities and industry to move fast and fix things

Our team do much more than meet technology challenges. We support institutions to implement lean and agile methodologies, new business models and user engagement to secure sustainable, successful change.

Many of our people are veterans of the kinds of institutions we seek to support. They bring insights that create empathy with our clients based on an understanding of the challenges clients face and the expectations of their users.

Notbinary works with institutions to help them embrace the opportunities of the internet era.

It is the [product owner] insights, ability to actually be the voice of the user, knowledge of the politics of the business and ability to make decisions that matter.


Clients we've helped embrace the opportunities of the internet era.