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Digital transforms not only what can be done, but how it is done, and by who. To survive and thrive in the digital economy organisations need to work with the right people and platforms to turn ideas into outcomes in a fraction of the time that is has traditionally taken.

Sprint Labs

Accelerated ideas creation and problem solving is the first step in that transformation process. Compressed decision making undertaken in a structured, guided context leads to clearer thinking and propositions. That’s where our Sprint Labs come in.

Our Labs model, based on Google Ventures Sprint Labs, brings lean start up thinking, agile techniques and modern technology together to tackle enterprise challenges and opportunities. Our experts in strategy, user research, service design and technology work side by side with your teams to:

  • Identify – problems and opportunities
  • Prioritise – those with the highest impact or return
  • Create – approaches to solve the challenge
  • Build – a poc to test and iterate solution
  • Plan – an actionable roadmap for the product or initiative

By the time you’ve finished our Lab process you’ll have a plan which can be executed straight away and used to support your wider decision-making process. You’ll have a tangible product that will have been tested, iterated and improved by your teams and customers.

But perhaps more importantly your lab team will feel energised, motivated and ready to change the world. This probably won’t be the last time you use the lab methodology and it will start to energise your broader work force into thinking about how they can apply this approach and thinking to their work.

To take part in one of our Sprint Labs email us at contact@notbinary.co.uk

Digital Delivery Squads

Once you’ve developed your plan and POC it will need to be moved through action and delivery. We do this in a few ways:


We provide digital squads to deliver digital outcomes as well as building your digital capability. We bus in an elite squad, it arrives on site, and works alongside your teams. The squad advises, accelerates, leads, inspires. Our legacy is a fitter, healthier, wiser and stronger in-house team.


By contrast, some clients just need the thing. This could be a digital publishing platform, an MVP, Alpha or Beta, CRM replacement, database migration, APIs building… We call these OUTCOMES – and we sell them as individual pieces of work. Our product managers and lead developers work on site where possible – and most often in a mixed team with the clients. But we focus on the delivery of the thing using our high quality distributed and nearshore talent.

Squads and outcomes deliver across a range of digital activities:

  • Digital program definition and design
  • Agile coaching and delivery
  • Distributed development design and set up
  • Full stack web development
  • Web Solutions
  • Mobile Apps
  • Ecommerce
  • Content Management Systems
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • API Design/Development
  • Analytics, Reporting & BI
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality


Read how one of our Digital Delivery Squads helped London South Bank University go paperless through digital advancements.

Cloud Platforms

Stay focused on the things that matter by using Public Cloud.

We’ve been pioneers in Public Cloud since 2006. From simple cloud migration and containerisation of application workloads through to design and build of serverless architectures, our expert digital delivery squads work exclusively on the very best Public Cloud platforms.

The global reach, scale and service breadth of Amazon Web ServicesMicrosoft Azure & Google Cloud Platform make them the perfect platforms upon which to run your existing assets while designing new cloud enabled digital business models.

Our squads build applications, services and products on top of these leading cloud platforms using the most appropriate programing languages and frameworks –  Python, Node.js, Go, Java or .Net, in containerised workloads or serverless architecture patterns.

However, Public Cloud is just one of the components of digital change. Together we’ll break down the digital barriers, lead and drive cultural change while building your internal capability and skills on the cloud platforms.

Contact NotBinary where you’ll get the best cloud foundations allowing you to moderinse your existing business as well as exploring and launching your future growth engines.

Read our latest blog on The economics of the cloud: a guide.

Meet the Leadership Team

Sean Tubbs

Chief Digital Officer

Jon Holt

Head of Cloud Platform

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Chief Operating Officer

Rob Lawrence

Chief Strategy Officer

Tom Sagal

Chief Revenue Officer

Honor Paddock

Chief Marketing Officer

Rhys Sharp

Technology Director

Stuart Grainger

Technical Architect

David Biden

Delivery Director

Ciara MacCooey

Digital Director

Neal Gandhi

Non Executive Director

Sarah Herbert

Chief Finance Officer

Neil McEvoy

MD, Scotland

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Chief Technology Officer

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Product Manager

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Chief Executive Officer

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