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What we do

Not Binary turns organisations into modern digital businesses. We are trusted by government, education, finance and industry to design and implement digital change programmes. The organisations we serve are looking to exploit the efficiencies and opportunities of digital. They hire us to design and accelerate their own programmes, and to imbed our expertise in their teams.

Squads and Outcomes

We provide digital squads to deliver digital outcomes. We bus in an elite squad, it arrives on site, and works alongside their client counterparts. The squad advises, accelerates, leads, inspires. Our legacy is a fitter, healthier, wiser and stronger in-house team.

By contrast, some clients just need a thing. This could be a digital publishing platform, an MVP, Alpha or Beta, CRM replacement, database migration, APIs building… We call these OUTCOMES - and we sell them as individual pieces of work. Our product managers and lead devs work on site where possible - and most often in a mixed team with the clients. But we focus on the delivery of the thing using our high quality remote and nearshore talent.

Business SaaS

We are cloud native ourselves (naturally), and have a ten-year track record in public cloud programmes. We are expert in what we believe to be the pre-eminent infrastructure and platform-as-a-service providers bar none. Global enterprises can be built almost entirely upon their collective chassis. We want to see our clients concentrate on their own subject matter and their own innovation, rather than worrying about IT provision.

We’ve tested, run businesses, implemented at enterprise scale on these platforms, our cloud recommendations and approaches are based on hard won, hands on experience.

Sprint Labs

Our long track record in digital training, exec ed and modern strategy development has led us to develop our sprint approach. Think of them as a cross between a training course and an accelerated consultancy engagement. We run Strategy Sprints, Transformation Sprints, Idea Sprints and our AI Sprint is in development. Developed with our partners in the Centre for Digital Economy at the University of Surrey, these sprints are fun, challenging, intense and designed to move our clients’ digital transformation activity forward from thinking and experimentation to delivery and ROI.

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